Wire Mesh Cable Tray

Cable Tech, the premier cable tray supplier in the Bangalore, has developed and manufactured the industry-leading Wire Mesh Cable Tray, which is just one of their exceptional cable management systems. Specifically designed for sensitive cable applications, Cable Tech's innovative Wire Mesh Cable Tray stands out as the easiest and most cost-effective wire mesh cable management system on the market. The Wire Mesh Cable Tray is fabricated using high-strength steel wire, creating a durable and lightweight support system that perfectly caters to the demands of modern high-tech cabling requirements.

Wire Mesh Cable Trays
Wire Mesh Cable Trays
Wire Mesh Cable Trays
Wire Mesh Cable Trays
Wire Mesh Cable Trays


Our cable tray solutions are engineered with top-grade materials and advanced manufacturing techniques.


Through our specialized cable tray service, we provide a seamless and efficient solution for cable organization.

Cost Transparency

With our cable tray service, you can expect complete cost transparency through detailed and itemized quotations.


Our cable tray service optimizes productivity by providing efficient cable organization, resulting in reduced downtime.

Width Height Wire Daimeter
mm 50 75 100 mm
100 4 5 6
150 4 5 6
200 4 5 6
300 4 5 6
400 4 5 6
500 4 5 6
600 4 5 6

Industries We Serve

Key Clientele

Our success story is built on strong partnerships with key clientele, including leading industry giants and influential organizations. Their trust in our services and solutions motivates us to continually raise the bar and deliver exceptional results, solidifying our position as a preferred choice in the market.



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